Schroth Scoliosis Treatment UK

Schroth Scoliosis Treatment UK: Alex Szabo, Nottingham Osteopath. At the end of 2018, Alex travelled to Denmark to undertake a training course in the “Schroth Best Practice® Scoliosis treatment. Schroth Best Practice® is a further development of the original Schroth...

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Scoliosis - Schroth Best Practice™ program I am very excited to be taking a trip to Copenhagen in October 2018 to learn the Scoliosis - Schroth Best Practice program.  This will begin my personal development enabling Notts Osteopathy to offer the  Schroth technique as...

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Why women should do weights

Osteoporosis is a condition that makes bones more brittle and prone to fracture. Although osteoporosis can affect men and younger people, post-menopausal women are most at risk. One of the best ways to help maintain healthy bones is to exercise regularly – which...

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Nottingham Osteopath Alex Szabo provides osteopathy and sports massage treatments for patients across the Midlands.

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