What can osteopathy treat?

In Osteopathy we seek to understand your symptoms in the context of your whole lifestyle and medical history in order to tailor the most suitable treatment to your individual needs.

Osteopathy is generally known to treat back pain and address postural issues however; osteopaths also treat a wider array of health conditions.

Some of the conditions osteopathy can treat:

  • circulatory problems
  • cramp and muscle spasms
  • digestion problems
  • neuralgia
  • fibromyalgia
  • inability to relax
  • rheumatic pain

Nottingham Osteopath Alex Szabo provides osteopathy and sports massage treatments for patients across the Midlands.

GOC registered osteopath Institute osteopathy member


Tel: 0747 124 8330
Email: info@nottsosteopathy.co.uk
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7am - 7pm

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