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Schroth Scoliosis Treatment UK: Alex Szabo, Nottingham Osteopath. At the end of 2018, Alex travelled to Denmark to undertake a training course in the “Schroth Best Practice® Scoliosis treatment. Schroth Best Practice® is a further development of the original Schroth method, invented by Katharina Schroth.

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Alex was keen to improve and broaden his range of available treatments. Scoliosis affects mostly girls and women, and we feel that it’s important to have other options before considering invasive surgery. Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss (grandchild of Katharina Schroth) has updated and improved her grandmother’s research with to make the treatment of scoliosis more effective and time-saving as well as giving the patient ownership and independence from the treatment system. Many people in the UK are advised to take the surgery option because of there so few Osteopaths who are specifically trained to work on Scoliosis.  This is why Alex wanted to fill that gap and offer help to anyone suffering from this debilitating spinal condition.

Why Choose Us for Schroth Scoliosis Treatment?

In the UK, there has generally been very little knowledge of the method and at present, Alex is one of only a few trained Schroth therapists in the country. Nottingham is very central to the UK. It has great road and rail access, and if you should need to fly in from Scotland or London, you can visit via East Midlands Airport.

About the Schroth Method

The Schroth method is individually tailored to the individual subject to the type of scoliosis he/she has. Instructions are given in specific exercises that reflect the curve and overcorrection in the opposite direction. As part of your treatment, Alex will show you:

  • Everyday correction and exercises for everyday situations are a major part of the program
  • All exercises are done with maximum correction (outer position)
  • The exercises work to give complete all-around correction
  • The exercises are always standing or seated to activate the postural muscles
  • Breathing Exercises
  • The exercises can take place at home or at smaller teams at specialised clinics
  • Not too Strenuous
  • Patients can book either via email or phone.

To Learn more about our Scoliosis treatment, and othr options visit the Scoliosis page and read more.

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