Sports Massage


Sports massage is a deep form of massage that involves the manipulation of the soft tissues. Don’t be misled by the name; it can help most people, no matter what your activity level is. It is designed to correct existing issues with the muscles, (and in turn can help the skeletal system) that can be caused by repetitive actions, strenuous activity, trauma and imbalances.

Techniques used in this therapy can include Swedish and Acupressure, but include deeper penetrating moves and stretches such as frictions, trigger point work and soft tissue release.

Sports massage can also be administered before and after exercise, to help enhance performance, prevent injury and allow the muscles to repair quicker.


  • Prevents muscle tension and fatigue
  • Improves range of movement and flexibility
  • Prevents or relieves delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Helps to correct poor posture
  • Decreases chance of injury
  • Increases circulation and oxygen to muscles
  • Increases output of lymph, toxins and lactic acid
  • Helps to reduce anxiety, stress and tension

Nottingham Osteopath Alex Szabo provides osteopathy and sports massage treatments for patients across the Midlands.

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