Neck Pain

The neck (cervical spine) is made up of bones that are stacked like blocks (called vertebrae). The vertebrae protect the all-important spinal cord, a bundle of nerves that run from your brain through your spinal column and branch out to the rest of the body. The cervical spine is also capable of movement in many different directions and holds the weight of your head, which is as heavy as two bags of sugar.

Neck symptoms include different types of pain including sharp, shooting, burning, throbbing or stabbing pains and can be constant or come and go. You may also be getting pins and needles, tingling, weakness, numbness, other strange sensations or pain in one or both arms and hands. Neck problems can also cause headaches along with pain in the upper back and shoulder.

Neck pain is common in people of all ages and is often caused by how we use our necks. Two-thirds of the population have neck pain at some point in their lives. Working all day bent over a computer, driving long distances, poor posture while standing or sitting, stress and tiredness are all factors that can cause ongoing neck pain. Pain may be a result of whiplash, sporting injury or another traumatic event.

Suffering from neck pain can have a big impact on your everyday routine, making you feel as though you are unable to carry your normal activities and may be affecting your sleep. Many people seek osteopathic treatment to address neck pain quickly as osteopaths are skilled as helping prevent back pain from becoming a chronic, long term condition.

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