Hip Pain

The hip’s unique anatomy enables it to be both extremely strong and amazingly flexible, so it can bear weight and allow for a wide range of movement. The hip is located where the head of the thighbone, fits into a rounded socket of the pelvis. This ball-and-socket construction allows for three distinct types of flexibility: moving the leg back and forth; moving the leg out to the side (abduction) and inward toward the other leg (adduction); and pointing toes inward (internal rotation) or outward (external rotation) and then moving the straightened leg in the direction of the toes.

Hip problems occur when any one of these components starts to degenerate or is in some way compromised or irritated. When the hip joint becomes inflamed and painful, the pain may be felt in the groin but may also be referred into the back, buttocks and down the front or back of the leg. Pain originating from the hip can have a big impact on life, it may restrict the distance that you walk, it may make it difficult getting out of a car. It may also affect your sleep as very often it will be painful to lay on it.

Thorough assessment and diagnosis is key to effective treatment. Many people seek osteopathic treatment to address hip pain quickly as osteopaths are skilled at helping prevent hip pain from becoming a chronic, long-term condition. Many people of the older generation seek osteopathic treatment to help prolong the need for a hip replacement.

Do you need help with Hip Pain?
If you are suffering from hip pain, Notts Osteopathy are experienced in treating its many symptoms. Speak to Alex about setting up an initial consultation.

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