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Nottingham Osteopath, Alex Szabo, is a fully trained Schroth Practitioner.  The Schroth method is a traditional method for treating scoliosis, Schroth uses specific exercises based on the curvature pattern in the spine. The exercises are asymmetrical and are different from “regular” back exercises, which are often used.

The Schroth Method’s was created by Katharina Schroth in 1920s Germany and the method is the most tested and preferred conservative treatment method in many countries.

The Schroth method uses a specific respiratory technique called rotational angular breathing (RAB).
It’s a combination of inhalation and exhalation used to rotate and stabilize whilst doing the curve-specific exercises. Patients who try this specific treatment with the Schroth method are often surprised by its noticeably beneficial effects.

Getting familiar with your back helps us to correct the imbalances in the spine. This familiarity is essential in successfully controlling your scoliosis.

What are the benefits of Schroth?

  • slowed or diminished progression (teens)
  • de-rotation of the spine
  • improved lung function (especially in the thoracic basket)
  • increased chest enlargement
  • improved attitude and mood
  • reduction or elimination of pain
  • help with self-help

Evidence in Favour of Schroth

Whilst Schroth has been around since the 1930’s it’s a relatively new treatment in the United Kingdom.
The majority of clinical evidence is coming out of Europe and Asia.

Shockwave Treatment

We can also treat mild scoliosis using Shockwave therapy. There is evidence to show that Shockwave Therapy can increase mobility and reduce deformity in the affected area. To learn more about our SWT Treatments Click here.

What To Expect

Prior to your Therapy appointment, Alex will meet with you to carry out a thorough assessment of your condition. This will enable him to assess your individual needs and plan the most appropriate treatment to address the underlying causes of the problem, ensuring effective treatment and long-lasting results.

If you need  Shockwave Therapy,

The appointment is totally non-invasive. A gel is applied to your skin then, using a hand-held device, the harmless pulses of Shockwave energy are transmitted through the skin directly into the area identified for treatment.

Shockwave treatment itself lasts for about 10 -15 minutes.
The initial consultation and treatment will last for about an hour. 

Please allocate around half an hour to your appointment as a short retest and additional Osteopathic treatment modalities may be included depending on your needs.

A course of 3 – 5 sessions over consecutive weeks is recommended for most conditions but additional courses of treatment may be required. However, a prognosis of the shockwave therapy will be discussed.

If you need Schroth Treatment, Get in touch

Schroth is a relatively new practice in the UK and there are only a few trained Schroth therapists in the country. Alex is one of them.  The Schroth method is individually tailored to the individual subject to the type of scoliosis you have. Instructions are given in specific exercises that reflect the curve and overcorrect in the opposite direction.

The initial consultation and treatment will last for about an hour.

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